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There are many ways to promote a product or company. Of these, promotional events represent an ideal option in the current market, for a number of very good reasons: (1) their ability to generate content that can subsequently be published on your company’s website or through other channels (YouTube, Facebook, etc.); (2) the impact of a live presentation, which remains in the mind of your audience for longer, and more prominently; (3) the interest that media content, or even a simple buzzword can generate around the client company, product or the event itself.

Promotional events come in many forms and an endless number of possible settings, which can be selected depending on the desired size of audience, and whether the intention is only to involve invited participants, or to draw in passers-by. It may be, then, that the venue for a promotional event is hired especially for the occasion, in which case the programme is defined in advance, the content, form and installations carefully managed ... But the setting could just as easily be a space at a trade fair, or a street corner. In the latter situation, just think how many more people the event might attract if, during the show, the public is treated to extra entertainment or fun activities, or other memorable elements! With its team of creative and promotional-event management professionals, Thirty Seconds can make your promotional activities more effective, providing design, installation, entertainment and catering services of the highest quality to provide you with a foundation that suits your purposes and guarantees a successful event.