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Company Profile




Thirty Seconds is an Italian company specialising in Promotional and Cultural events. It was created by a group of dynamic specialists from the fields of video production and event planning and organisation. 


Thirty Seconds produces high-impact, turnkey events, overseeing all aspects of the process, from the initial concept to the realisation of the event itself, helping your company reach its audience more effectively than you thought possible. A Thirty Seconds event lingers long in the mind …

Effective events can boost your profile and represent a highly effective means to build strong and long lasting relationships with your audience (customers, partners and other market operators). The 2015 Expo in Milan offers a massive opportunity to increase your influence in the global market. Thirty Seconds is based in the heart of Milan. The expertise and connections we have consolidated over the last 20 years make us your ideal events partner for the duration of the Expo. Furthermore, Thirty Second’s Video Production and Broadcast Division can make professional videos for your events, such as corporate/business and product videos, and produce quality video footage, which can be distributed across social networks.

Quality, value, ideas, creativity, and demonstrable expertise in event organisation and video production (http://www.produzionivideomilano.com): we have everything you need to take advantage of the global audience provided by the Expo. Contact us and discover how we can maximise your presence and influence in the market. Whatever your dream is, Thirty Seconds is your Italian guide to a creative future. Thirty Seconds: Creating Emotions, Nurturing Dreams. For more information: info@30seconds.it